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The Seventh Tier of twelve in the Sword Design. A Short Weapon, usable with a Shield. Sword Break Arts can be used to raise its Affinity in Fire and Dark with the Cherry Ronde and Papillon Reel Break Arts, respectively


  1. Firangi + Shamshir = Falchion
  2. Falchion + Shotel = Khora

With two of the Category:Starting Weapons being Swords, Falchion may well be part of the path of Starting Weapons that the player chooses to Morph into Swords or advance along the Sword Progression.

Falchion is an important part of end-game or second-playthrough (New Game Plus) Sword Progressions also. Crossbow with Dagger has the only Morph to Falchion other than with high Tier Polearms:

Siege Bow (Lug + Lug: Limestone Quarry) + Hatchet (SILVER Baselard {from Bazaar of the Bizarre - Teleportation Lich room} + DAMASCUS Shotel {Temple}).

All other combinations resulting in Falchion are devolutions of higher Tier Swords. This is important when crafting DAMASCUS swords, as Falchion can be used to combine with DAMASCUS Shotels that drop in the Temple of Kiltia, and Damascus Polearms are rare.

In the second playthrough, with Godhands, there are no Rare Combinations with Sword as an ingredient, but there are a few with Sword as a product:
Results in DAMASCUS Swords:

  1. SILVER Great Sword + IRON Polearm
  2. SILVER Great Axe + HAGANE Crossbow
  3. SILVER Polearm + HAGANE Dagger
  4. HAGANE Axe/Mace + SILVER Polearm