"Human" may refer to:

Magic, or the Dark as Cardinal Batista and the neo-Iocans have it, flows through and seeps out from long-uninhabited underworld of city streets covered over with the building of centuries of the 'new' Leá Monde. It has warped the beasts of the streams and forests, and animated the dead. But these creatures do not venture out into the sunlit streets; the Crimson Blades hold that passage now, and Ashley must face them above ground as he does the creatures below.

The eleven types of Crimson Blades are as well armed and armored as any foe in the first playthrough, with perhaps a slight edge in quality going to the Lizardmen. Even in the second playthrough, their Tilt Gloves and Missaglias hold their own against any drops other than the Lizardmen in the Forgotten Passageway and the Liches and Lich Lords in the Second Dungeon of the Iron Maiden's.