Katana is the third Tier Great Sword, and like the Starting Weapons, is a guaranteed weapon. It comes a little late to be included in that category, and there is a previous Great Sword among the Starting Weapons: Tier 1 Broad Sword.

Katana drops in a Snowfly Forest battle in the form of the "Angel Wing" weapon with a HAGANE Katana blade, a Cross Guard Hilt Grip and a Demonia gem vs Evil

Note that there is a lategame Bastard Sword in a chest in Judas Cradle in First Dungeon of the Iron Maiden

Drop Edit

Progression Edit

Katana is part of an irregular Progression of Weapon manufacturing (the first Combination, the rest is regular):

  1. Broad Sword skips the Tier 2 Norse Sword and combines with the third Tier Katana to make the fourth Tier Executioner
  2. Executioner plus another Katana will create a Claymore.
  3. Claymore + Executioner = Schiavona
  4. Claymore + Schiavona = Bastard Sword
  5. Bastard Sword x 2 = Nodachi
  6. Nodachi x 2 = Rune Blade