The sixth, ultimate Tier of the Staff Design; a Short Weapon that can be used with a Shield. Staves are designed for use with Warlock spells, and so have a high Intelligence value rather than high Strength. Gems will add considerably to Intelligence. Warlock spells are more powerful in the midgame, before high Class values have been accrued to the main three weapons, as spell damage and defense ignores the Class value.

Progression: Summoner Baton Shamanic Staff = Bishop's Crosier + Bishop's Crosier = Sage's Cane

Damascus Sage's Cane Edit

In the second playthrough, the way to get the highest-tier DAMASCUS Sage's Cane with the lowest number of blades is to kill Deaths until two penultimate Damascus Bishop's Crosiers drop at 13/255. This is actually only two blades, and so a Baselard of any material, or another blade, can be combined with one of the Sage's Canes to get Three Blade Affinity and Class. This is easy enough that it can become a strategy to create other weapons with, see Best Combinations. Only Daggers can be combined with the Staves and still retain the Damascus, as per Design Prevalence.

Raising Affinity and Class Edit

The casting of spells will never raise Class or Affinity on a weapon, but there are many Enchanter spells whose effects raise Affinity on Ashley's weapons and armor, the damage that area effect Warlock spells do can be directed at Ashley, affecting Affinity on his armor, and the Heal and Surging Balm Shaman spells will raise the Light affinity on his armor. It is not recommended to cast Warlock spells on Ashley while a Staff is equipped, until the damage that spell does is known.

Break Arts Edit

See Break Arts#Staff

Break Arts are another matter. Sirocco and Gravis Aether will raise Water and Air affinity, respectively, on the equipped Staff.

Staff Break Arts are notable for having the only way to reduce RISK outside of Restorative items