The Scimitar blade, from Ashley's "Fandango" starting weapon, like the other Starting Weapons, makes no superior combinations with any sword. With so few weapons to choose from at the start of the game, it is likely that this blade will acquire a great deal of Class bonuses, so it is worthwhile searching for a good combine target.

Scimitar, like all other Sword weapons other than Rapier, is Edged Type damage; only the Edged stat of Grips will be used in damage calculations. Type value, like Class and Affinity, is divided by four and the result is multiplied by the Strength value for the weapon.

All Hilts are suitable for the Scimitar, other than the next type acquired from Chests, the Swept Hilt found on the "Shandy Gaff". Gems, therefore, which usually tend to be a more important consideration, are a consideration already taken care of.

For example, "Fandango"'s Short Grip has four Edged, for 1% of its weapon's Strength value, compared with 3.75% for Minor Elemental gems such as Sylphid Topaz, and the same for Minor Nemesis gems such as Iocus.

Late but retains the Sword Design:

Early, guaranteed Progression to Ultimate Heavy Mace:

  • A combination of the Scimitar with one of the BRONZE Guisarmes which will probably drop, or the one from the chest in the Miners' Resting Hall in the First Abandoned Mines, will Morph into a Sabre Mace blade, a Heavy Mace. With the Sabre Mace, making the highest Tier Heavy Mace, the Destroyer, is assured, as all of the remaining required pieces can be found in chests. There are quite a few other enemies that drop a Sabre Mace, but at 8 out of 255 chance of dropping, it could take a while.

Weapon Type RISK STR INT AGI Range
Scimitar Edged 1 7 0 -1 3

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