As in much myth and legend and other games, SILVER is the Undead killer; armor and weapons made of it are strong against Undead, Phantom and Dark. While it is a rare material in armor form, the Quicksilvers and Shriekers are quite numerous, and thus a source of an abundant supply of Silver daggers.

Silver's high Undead and higher Phantom values work perfectly to leapfrog up to high Class level with items alone. There is, however, severely diminishing returns on this. Combining two silver daggers gets the full 78.7% bonus, as the material is the same, and the bonuses are similar.[1] But get the bonuses high enough, and a brand new dagger's bonuses will be too small in comparison with the crafted one, leading to the reduced 57.2% rate. The only way around this is to accumulate bonuses on all blades added, a geometrically increasing number of blades being required. At least they will never get the lowest rate of 38.5% for being different materials as well.

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