The Spatha blade, although it is a weaker weapon, a lower Tier than Ashley's very first "Fandango" Scimitar weapon, is nonetheless somewhat difficult to acquire. This is because it is a crucial part of the superior combinations with the sword line. Like all RPG games, character advancement in tandem with the storyline is a part of Vagrant Story, whereas players strive to be as powerful as they can; Spatha is part of the metagame. Together with the Rapier third Tier Sword, it Combines to form the fourth Tier Short Sword. Starting Weapon blades will acquire a great deal of Class bonuses, so it is worthwhile searching for a good combine target; some of the Starting Weapons can actually be made into a Spatha.

Combinations Edit

  1. Battle Knife, Spatha and Broad Sword are the potential targets of this process, and it is counterproductive to use them as an ingredient
  2. Dirks are very rare!
  3. Broad Sword Rapier and Glaive combine productively, and using them to create weapons that can Progress on another line is not recommended
  4. Higher levels of Daggers commonly combine with a blade to create Spatha or Battle Knife instead of Broad Sword, or for the same result. The lower levels are more frugal
  5. Combining the Wizard Staff Starting Weapon is impossible in the first playthrough because the Wizard Staff is SILVER
  6. Using two Starting Weapons at once reduces the number of potential lines, although it can be a powerful tool if Class or Affinity values are the same, as all the top values are retained. See All High

Starting Weapons + X = Spatha:

Two Starting Weapons:

Progressing in the Sword Design Edit

Progression is a superior combination. Combining Spatha with Rapier to make a Short Sword is an irregular recipe, as the tiers are non-consecutive, 1st and 3rd tier. IRON Spathas will not be able to be combined with BRONZE Rapier into a HAGANE Short Sword until later when the more advanced Workshop is found, but they drop at the low rate of 8/255 from enemies in the Wine Cellar, Catacombs and Sanctum. Spatha takes the place of Scimitar, the second Tier. This makes Spatha a Volunteer of the Usurper type.

Obtaining a Spatha Edit

Combination Edit

The Broad Sword and Scimitar Starting Weapons combine to make a Spatha; this is not recommended, as there is only one spawn dropping a Broad Sword in the entire game, and it disappears before Ashley enters the Sanctum

Drops Edit

Wine Cellar

  • 16/255 IRON Zombie Fighter. First in Smokebarrel Stair (its spawn is conditional on a game event and Ashley's HP: after Ashley visits Room of Red Wine and if he currently has greater than 199 HP-regardless of HP maximum)
  • 16/255 Zombie Fighter Room of Rotten Grapes (conditional: after Ashley after Ashley kills the Lich in Undercity East and gains Teleport)). The Zombie Knight in the same room at the same time has an IRON Rapier



  • Corridor of the Clerics
  • Theology Classroom

Weapon Type RISK STR INT AGI Range
Scimitar Edged 1 5 0 -1 3

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