Sorting and CleaningEdit

Is it in any way possible to update some of the features of this wiki, and by extension clean up some of the pages and make them easier on the eyes to read and have better sorted links for some articles.

Of course it's possible, it's a wiki. It needs cleaning, I'm with you on that; probably nobody wanted to do it. Blue text on black background is awful. Dantelectro (talk) 02:35, August 22, 2014 (UTC)

I tired using the editor for this wiki but it is confusing and convoluted, and the source editor is no better my eyes feel like bleeding from the blue on black colour schem as it is with out searching for html code. wiki contributor 03:06 august 23, 2014

hi. this wiki is somehow just as incomprehensible as the game it's based on. here's a quick style override you can paste into stylebot (or stylebot equivalent for your browser) to reverse the vandalization some poor tasteless soul attempted on the wiki -- i don't even know how wikia works but i'm sure there's some kind of css style editor someone can edit to fix this. ok thanks love u bye.

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