The ultimate, eighth-Tier Mace, a Short Weapon that can be used with a Shield. It requires only two blades for crafting in DAMASCUS, making it the easiest Ultimate Weapon. Simply add a SILVER Khukuri to a Damascus Tabar.

It is, however, more difficult to make than Halberd if three blades are desired for making maximum Affinity and Class on the War Maul. The Khukuri has to be made of a DAMASCUS Kris (only one per playthrough, in a chest) and SILVER Hatchet. SILVER Kris does not drop, nor are any in chests, and furthermore, no Dagger blades that can make it in a normal Progression can be found, except a SILVER Kudi. So the Kris or a blade to combine with the Kudi would have to be made with an irregular combination if the DAMASCUS Kris is desired for another combination.

Damascus War Maul Edit

From the first playthrough on, DAMASCUS Tabar 6th Tier Axes drop at 16/255 in Those Who Fear the Light. Ashley must be at 149 HP or below.

A single Tabar can be combined in the "Metal Works" Workshop with a SILVER Khukuri to make a Damascus War Maul. In the second playthrough, at the Godhands Workshop, any material of dagger can be used, as Dagger has a lower Prevalence than Axe, but SILVER daggers are an easy drop from the ubiquitous Shriekers and Quicksilvers; to get full Affinity and Class, put one set on the Tabar, and the other two on a Kris and Hatchet to make the required Khukuri (see Dagger with Axe for other possible results).

Adding another Khukuri to the War Maul makes a Halberd.