Design is the generic word used in these guides to describe weapon 'type'. The equivalent word for 'type of armor' is Equipment or Equipments.

The eleven Designs are, in alphabetical order: Axe, Crossbow, Dagger, Great Axe, Great Sword, Heavy Mace, Mace, Polearm, Staff and Sword.

Design does not describe all possible weapon groups; for example, the game groups weapons in an intuitive way for the purposes of assigning them Grips.

A distinction that is not named in any way, but is clearly observable, is One Handed weapons, wearable with a Shield, and Two Handed high-damage weapons.

The game also lumps together Axe and Mace for the purpose of Break Arts, and while Axe and Mace are in most other ways separate, primarily in terms of Combinations, they are both involved in a certain rare combinations that transforms HAGANE and SILVER into DAMASCUS

Different Designs, when combined, will always retain the material of one of the designs, according to the Design Prevalence hierarchy. Same Design rules govern the rest of the combinations.

Design Prevalence:
Designs earlier in this order will determine the material of combinations with designs later in the order
Heavy Mace > Polearm > Great Axe > Great Sword >
Crossbow > Axe and Mace > Sword > Staff > Dagger

Weapons or armor of one Design or Equipment always combine to make a product that is the same Design or Equipment. Tier is the word used for where a particular weapon fits on a list of others of the same Design, based on its power. Consecutive Tiers of the same equipment tend to combine in a Progression, to the next Tier. However, this is never true of the lowest Tiers of weapon Designs and tends to be the exception in low Tiers of Armor. It also is never true of the highest Tiers of Designs and Equipments, where the rule is that two of the same Tier are required to make the final Tier or even the penultimate Tier.[1]

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  1. An extreme example is the Dagger progression; a first tier Battle Knife will not combine with a second tier Scramasax to make a third tier Throwing Knife, but not only will the 2nd combine with the 3rd to make a fourth tier Dirk, but so will the 1st and 3rd, and 2 Throwing Knives. See Dagger Combinations

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