Vagrant Story is a treasure trove of the Achievements that would later become commonplace in games, and other data as well, all meticulously catalogued and even named. Looking at weapons in the main inventory, under the Items tab, reveals that the advance in weapon power is credited by weapon titles.

The best evidence available shows that titles are exclusively governed by Class bonuses.

The title of a weapon is based on an active assessment; one that takes into account the gems currently attached to it. A dropped weapon with no special bonuses can be made a Divine weapon by raising all of its Classes and Affinities by 90: +30 for each of three Arturos gems.

All information here is based on anecdotal evidence, and is confirmed by the Weapons Titles discussion on the Neoseeker forums.

Weapon: The starting designation
Warrior's: 11 in one Class
Knightly: One Class at 20, one at 15[1][2]
Prestigious: Two classes at 30.[3]
Brave: Two Classes at 40
Warlord: Two Classes at 50
Champion: Two Classes at 60
Glorious: 70 in two classes
Supreme: Possibly rare weapons.[4] Legendary Weapon Over 100 in one Class
Divine Weapon: 115 to one Class[5][6]

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Citations Edit

  1. One Class at 19, another at 24
  2. Weapons Titles. One class at 15, one at 21
  3. An otherwise unimproved Silver weapon with one Iocus and one Trinity gem (+15 to Undead and Phantom) will be Prestigious. < Less than, one class 34, one class 36. Greater than, > one Class 26, one 31. A weapon with 69 to one Class and 19 to another is insufficient, and remains a Knightly weapon
  4. Rhomphaia with 99 to one Class, others 41, 34
  5. Weapons Titles Neoseeker forums
  6. or 100 in all Classes and Affinities, or less. With a Haeralis gem and a Trinity gem, raising Human and Phantom to 115 but lowering the rest to 97, still Divine

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